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Rosler offers the widemouth U-trough, which is Norstar's standard bin unload system, designed to fit beneath the aeration floor of a flat-bottom bin. We also carry Brock's line of bin sweeps for on-farm or commercial use.


The widemouth U-trough is Norstar's standard bin unload system and comes in 11" and 8" models with the following features:

  • Compact design to fit beneath the aeration floor of a flat-bottom bin

  • A wider center sump that allows for greater product flow during unloading

  • Adaptable for 14 ft to 50 ft bin diameters


Brock's 1500 Series® heavy-duty power sweep is equipped with a bulletproof gear box and highly refined drive wheel for durability and longevity.

  • Bin Diameters 15-60 feet (4.6-18.3 m)

  • Bin Eave Height Maximum 107 ft. (32.6 m)

  • Auger Diameters 8 or 10 inches (203 or 254 mm)

  • Capacity Range Up to 5,500 bushels (140 metric tons) per hour


Brock's 2000 Series® is suitable for heavy farm to light commercial use and sports a weighted tractor drive for greater traction. It is also Zero Entry Capable to keep you safe on the job with no need to enter the bin.

  • Bin Diameters 30-78 feet (9.1-23.8 m)

  • Bin Eave Height Maximum 90 ft. (27.4 m)

  • Auger Diameters 10 or 12 inches (254 or 305 mm)

  • Capacity Range 3,000-6,500 bushels (75-165 metric tons) per hour

Brock Handling - 2000 Series Bin Sweep
Brock Handling - Maverik 4000 Series Bin Sweep

Rosler was always very prompt and very thorough. They have one of the better work crews. If they have warranty issues, they look after them right away, no questions asked. Dwayne is great to work with and Carolyn is awesome. I always enjoy visiting with her too. If I were in the market for bins, I would buy them from Rosler. I bought hoppers from them a few years ago and then bought a 10,000 bushel bin from them last year. Everything about them is top notch.

Jim Hoenecke, Darcy

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