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Widemouth U-trough

The Widemouth U-trough is Norstar's standard bin unload system. Designed to fit beneath the aeration floor of a flat bottom bin, the Widemouth U-Trough features a wider center sump that allows for greater product flow during unloading. Available in 11" and 8" models, Widemouth U-Troughs are adaptable for 14 ft to 50 ft bin diameters.

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HARVEST-TIME® Bin Unloading System

Brock's HARVEST-TIME® Bin Unloading System is Different by Design: it's a "two for one" system. This means that you get an under-floor auger conveyor combined with a floor sweep – all economically driven by a single electric motor.

With Brock's HARVEST-TIME Unloading System, you can choose the components that best suit your needs:

  • A smooth-working HARVEST-TIME Unloader and Power Sweep combination that can be operated from outside the bin.
  • The HARVEST-TIME Unloader by itself can be used with a center pivot to connect to an already existing portable sweep.
  • The HARVEST-TIME Tube Auger Unloading System
  • The HARVEST-TIME U-Trough Auger System
  • Add the optional Brock WELL-GARD® Discharge Guard to the HARVEST-TIME Power Sweep to help limit bridging and blocking of the center well opening.
  • Add the optional EP Kit to the HARVEST-TIME Power Sweep to boost your sweep's performance in difficult or out of condition grain.

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